When Is the Best Time to Purchase a New Mattress?

Everyone knows purchasing a new mattress can be quite expensive, especially if a person wants to purchase a good one. Thankfully, it is possible to save money on a mattress, depending on when one is purchased. It is important individuals know when to make their purchase so they can capitalize on the savings as much as possible.

When Is the Ideal Time to Save Money on a Mattress?

Purchasing at the right time could allow a buyer to snag a mattress with as much as 50% savings. With these helpful tips, mattress buyers will be prepared to seek the following times before making their purchase:

  • Major holidays are always a great time to make a mattress purchase. The 4th of July and Memorial Day are two big sales times in the world of mattresses. No one quite knows why mattress manufacturers tend to offer great sales during these holidays, but it is important consumers take advantage of the savings so they can get the mattress they want, for much less money.
  • When a new mattress store opens, this is also a good time to seek low prices. Deep discounts are often offered to promote the new store and bring in customers. This is an excellent time for consumers to find what they are looking for, for much less.
  • During the fall and spring, retailers will typically put out new mattress stock. Often, they can have overstock that needs to go before they put the new mattresses out. Consumers can take advantage of the retailer’s ordering mistake and cash in big.
  • At the end of the year, many mattress retailers will offer deep discounts on the best mattresses in their inventory. This is because the new year is coming in, which means new models. This means, out with the old and in with new, while passing savings on to their customers.

The Right Time of Year Means Big Savings

If you plan on purchasing a new mattress within the coming year, it is important you seek the above times to ensure you are able to obtain the biggest savings. If you want to discover more, visit the website and read up on the mattress you are thinking of buying.