The Reason North Korea Called the Craziest Dictator Country in the World

Brutal, unwise, strange, and absurd is a picture for the state leadership in North Korea, the most isolated and closed country on earth. We will deliver to you the reasons why North Korea called the wildest dictatorship.

The World Food Organization estimates that 6 million of the 25 million North Koreans need food aid because of severe malnutrition.

In 1990, nearly 2 million people died in North Korea because of starvation caused by poor agricultural policy of the government and the dissolution of assistance from its strongest ally of the Soviet Union when it was disbanding.
All North Korean people are no exception to select only 28 haircuts, depending on the person’s position, for example: party members with ordinary people have different haircuts.

Only military officers, government officials, and members of the party may have a motor vehicle.

North Korea is the fourth largest military power in the world after China, the United States and India. With a force of 1,106,000 troops, that means with a North Korean population of 22 million people then 1 in 22 North Koreans are soldiers. This is the largest percentage in the world. As the total ratio of Indonesia’s active army is 438,000 from 146,900,000 million.

In fact North Korea makes one-third of its country’s revenue only for the military. Again with the largest percentage in the world. Comparison with Indonesia uses only 0.9% of total state revenues per year, the average value is also for most countries in the world.

Kim Jong-Un has a brother named Kim Jong-Nam who is known for his strange behavior. In 2001 he was arrested at the Japanese airport with a Dominican fake passport under the name Pang Xiong which literally translates into “fat bear”. He told the authorities the reason for using a fake passport and went secretly from North Korea for wanting to go to Disneyland Japan, out of curiosity and fear with his father Kim Jong Il (then North Korean leader) he did not dare go home and settle in China Why the highest leader of North Korea is now his sister Kim Jong Un.

North Korea’s military once dug tunnels into South Korea for infiltration and sabotage but the South Korean tunnel was not completed yet. The North Koreans argued they dug the tunnels to mine coal before they painted the walls of the tunnel with black paint to look like coal, which embarrassed North Korea as having no coal on the Korean peninsula so their real intention to build the tunnel was uncovered.

In 1978 Kim Jong Il kidnapped a South Korean Film Director with his wife who is also an actress for the film industry in North Korea, 8 years later both managed to escape with the previous play by making a movie and want the film is included in the film festival In Vienna, when they arrived there they did not come to the festival but sought the South Korean embassy to ask to be rescued.

North Korea’s most famous film resulting from kidnapping South Korean film director is “Pulgasari” where originally only a small creature inhabiting a rice field turned into a giant creature (Like Godzilla) that helps farmers to overthrow the Kingdom of Korea. Its executive producer is Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Il based on propaganda in North Korea he was born at the foot of Mount Paektu (The Most Sacred Mountain and Beautiful in North Korea), at his birth he was accompanied by the appearance of two rainbows circling his home, birds singing, emerging a star in the sky and instantly growing The colorful flowers fragrant around the house February 16, 1941. But based on original data he was actually born in Vyatskoye, Soviet Union February 16, 1942 when his parents fled from Korea because of the Japanese invasion.

He is also said to walk from 3 weeks of age, even teach his teacher at school, and write 1500 books. But according to some people who have been close to Kim Jong Il and managed to escape to South Korea it is said that Kim Jong Il is a child less able to absorb the lesson, not polite, and even rude to his friends.

Kim Jong Il is a person who is afraid to fly by plane then he only uses trains to travel to visit all corners of the country even state visits (Only ever to China, Soviet Union, Russia). In addition, according to one of the Russian diplomats who had been with him on the train, the train was armored and only stopped at a station only made for him.

Nearly a quarter of a million people live in prison camps surrounded by electric fences for the rest of their lives with their families (even though the guilty ones of one family member) are mostly due to a deliberate or unintentional mistake overruling state regulations.

In North Korea there is only one television channel that must live non-stop should not be turned off, except in low voice but not until there is no sound, so does the radio. All television shows broadcast only about the Supreme Leader and the propaganda even on cartoon shows for children who have played robot times must always be inserted with policy propaganda and about supreme leader.

In North Korea if any of its citizens are caught watching TV broadcasts from other countries (often in the North and South Korean border areas it is threatened with execution) the government gets reports even from neighbors, siblings, parents, and children. : North Korea Dead Execution 80 People for Watching South Korean TV Dramas.

Some of North Korea’s revenue comes from arms sales to militant and rebel groups around the world, narcotics, and forgery of securities that mostly use the US dollar.

In North Korea if you read a newspaper you should not miss reading an article containing the highest leader’s picture, and newspapers available in every corner of the public place and on every page of the newspaper in North Korea there is always a picture of the highest leader.

There is no internet access in North Korea, even the web from North Korea can only be counted on the finger only for the purpose of information for foreign tourists who want to visit North Korea.

Tourists visiting North Korea must accompany the entourage, access to foreign tourist visits to North Korea is limited to a maximum of 1000 persons per year. As for the rules in North Korea for foreign tourists are: Should not immortalize images in the form of North Korean photographs or videos, may not perpetuate images of North Korean troops, may not interact with North Koreans without permission, may not travel outside the hotel without permission Guides, if photographed where there are paintings, statues, photos of supreme leaders should not be blocked and should not be stylish, must not carry mobile phones or all gadgets that have internet access, signal tracker (like GPS), if you want to take pictures or record video Must be permitted guides, foreign journalists are strictly prohibited entry into North Korea, if one of them disguised as tourists and caught it will be executed! The places visited usually besides the landscape are propaganda.