Signs You May Need to Hire a Divorce Attorney

Every marriage has their battles, and while some couples get through them, others decide it is in their best interests to move on. Whether the split was amicable or not, it can still be a detrimental time to deal with and a complicated process to go through. As marriage is a legally binding contract, it requires a number of steps to complete so that you can move on as a single adult.

While some people can get through a divorce without issue, others require the help of a divorce attorney. To determine which category you fall into, consider these signs below:

Your Spouse Isn’t Willing to Cooperate

As husband and wife, you have joint property, finances, and potentially children within the marriage that need to be considered. If your spouse is unwilling to cooperate with you on these things, it is best to hire someone like Steven J. Glaros a divorce attorney brandon fl to represent you in court.

Your Spouse is Threatening You

A divorce can be an emotional time for everyone and cause both parties to do and say irrational things to hurt the other. If your spouse has been threatening to keep the kids from you or withdrawal all the money from your savings account, you may need a lawyer to intervene.

You’re Confused About Your Rights

If your spouse was the one to file a petition for divorce you may not be prepared to fight back. Unaware of what your rights are in a marriage, you can often miss opportunities to find common ground. A divorce attorney knows your rights and is familiar with complex family laws and will ensure that the divorce, although unfortunate, is fair.

Lots of Finances and Assets

If you’ve been married for a while, there’s a high possibility that there are a lot of financials and assets to be divided up between you. Unless there is a prenuptial agreement in place, this could be difficult to do. An attorney will work with you and your spouse’s attorney to negotiate a fair division of all property and finances.

You don’t plan to get a divorce, but when it happens it is important to be prepared. As going through such a loss can be emotionally challenging and hard to understand, it may be necessary for you to hire a divorce attorney to guide you along the way.