How Does InsureSTAT Work For Residents And Fellows

Medical students, residents, and fellows may experience a long-term disability at some time in their careers. The medical industry isn’t without its risks. These risks could present them with an inability to work after they are injured in an accident or other medically-related events. For this reason, they need adequate coverage to help them if they are unable to work in the future. The following is an assessment of how InsureSTAT works for these medical professionals.

Covers Medical School Payments

If the student, resident, or fellow sustains a permanent or long-term disability, the policies provide financial assistance for their medical school expenses. The program provides them with payments that cover their student loans while they are unable to work. This prevents them from facing financial hardships that could lead to serious credit issues and other liabilities.

Provides Financial Assistance for Supplies

The medical students will need work supplies if they are partially disabled. These policies help them acquire scrubs, footwear, and other needed supplies to perform their jobs. They can acquire medical tools that aren’t readily available to them through their employer. The policies provide them with adequate funds to ensure that they can continue to purchase these much-needed items until they recover from their disability.

Provides Living Expenses

All medical students who obtain these policies will receive living expenses. This provides them with funds to cover their rent or mortgage payments. They will also receive funds that will ensure that they can pay their utility bills without suffering any disruptions in services.

Additional Financial Support for Medical Students

The students, residents, and fellows will also acquire financial assistance to pay for their own medical expenses. These expenses must relate to the injury that has prevented them from working. This will include their medications, physical therapy, and other therapies required by their medical professional.

Medical students, residents, and fellows have access to an invaluable program. The program provides them with adequate coverage if they sustain a long-term or permanent disability in the field. They receive funds to cover a variety of expenses and offer financial support until they recover. Med students who need more information about these programs contact an agent now.