Defending Yourself Fully in Court

When you have been arrested and jailed, you are legally entitled to have a lawyer represent you. Before you answer any questions or appear at an arraignment hearing, you are allowed to hire an attorney to act as your counsel.

As you prepare to face your booking, arraignment, and drug possession charges fairfax va defendants like you might wonder where to find a good attorney to represent you. You can locate and consult with one by going on the Internet today.

Finding Out the Lawyer’s Qualifications

You do not want to bank your future on a lawyer who is a novice and newly graduated from law school. You understand that new lawyers need to get their starts somewhere. However, you do not want it to be at the expense of your future.

Instead, you want an experienced attorney who has argued and won cases like yours to represent you from the very start. As you can read on the website, the law firm and its attorneys are skilled at taking on cases like yours. They have helped people beat the same or similar charges and know what laws to use to apply to your case.

Free Consultation

Before you put an attorney on retainer, you might have a lot of questions to ask about your case. You want to know how good of a chance you stand in beating the charges. You also want to know what will happen if you go to jail.

The lawyer you intend to hire typically will meet with you during a one hour free consultation. This initial meeting gives you the chance to ask questions about your case and put your mind at ease about what could happen when you go to court. You also can decide if it is better to cop a plea deal or take your chances at trial.

A defense attorney could help you beat charges for which you have been arrested. You can find and retain one by visiting the law firm’s website and by meeting the attorney during a free consultation prior to retainer.