The growing Europeanization and internationalization of law have resulted in increasingly international processes of legislation. The concept of citizenship can be discussed throughout the new and more international constitutional framework. Word that college students and not using a law degree from a Canadian establishment are required to take Introduction to Graduate Legal Research in their first term.

The topic can be taught at Bachelor’s degree (15 ECTS credits), see JUR1560 – Worldwide Constitutional Law and Democracy (BA) Please see the chapter above, concerning overlap. The course may also give an introduction to the theories of democracy that are relevant to the new constitutional levels.

College students can complete their diploma necessities exclusively by way of course work or through a mixture after all work and a Main Research Paper. Not all nation states have codified constitutions , although all such states have a jus commune , or law of the land, that will consist of quite a lot of crucial and consensual guidelines.

It is instructed in worldwide constitutional theory that as a substitute of a dichotomy between nationwide and worldwide law we are now more and more seeing types of combination, overlapping and interdependence between a number of constitutional levels of law.

Have you met the formal prerequisites at another institution than the University of Oslo, and the results aren’t formally registered at UiO, you will need to apply for admission to programs at Grasp’s stage College students with admission to Grasp’s diploma programmes at other schools than The College of Law must additionally apply for admission.