How To Keep Your Backbone To Stay Healthy?


Keeping the Spine Healthy is one of the most important things to do. Especially if you include people who like to feel the pain in the back, or due to often sit all the time in front of the computer because busy working.

The backbone or often referred to as the vertebra, the vertebra is an irregular bone, the formation of the back is very easy to move. The backbone or often called the vertebra is divided into 4 parts, namely cervical, thorax, lumbar, and also sacral. There are some tips you can do to keep your spine healthy to stay healthy, including:

  • The spine is allowed to rest while we sleep. Sleeping with sufficient time can give your spine a rest time from heavy daily activities. Try to always choose a mattress and pillow that can make all your muscles relax.
  • Choose shoes that can make you comfortable and can also support your spine well. Good shoes can protect the spine in the right position and also right (alignment). For women, reduce wearing high heels, because wearing high heels can make the body becomes unbalanced.

The sitting position is correct and also good, for example:

  • If you work in the office and often sit. You are advised to move and stretch or often called (stretcing) every 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Make sure your sitting position is upright about 90 degrees. In addition, the position of laptop or computer should be parallel to our face.
  • Avoid the habit of sitting with cross legs.

You should keep your weight to stay ideal by doing:

  • Exercise regularly about 20-30 minutes. Regular exercise can help the health of your spine.
  • Stretching exercises. You can do this activity by putting your keleher chin and stretcing your body backward.
  • Pay attention to your daily diet with a balanced menu. Note also whether there is a calcium content in the food menu that you consume.
  • Can not pick up the phone while doing other activities. Such as (head left or right).
  • Must be accustomed not to carry your heavy load ditas.
  • For men, it is not possible to keep the wallet in the back. These habits can make the pelvic bone become unbalanced.
  • Stop smoking, because the effects of nicotine during smoking can affect blood flow to the spine.

We must always keep our health because prevention is better than cure is not it? If we prevent it first maybe the healing process is still treatable but if we have fallen ill and may be severe it is a result because we do not prevent it. Maybe that’s just an article about How to Keep Your Spine Stay Healthy? Which I share on this occasion may be useful for all of us and you can do well.…